Why Should You Invest with Cashestate?

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Cashestate was established to solve a unique investment problem: the lack of opportunity for Nigerians in Nigeria to Dollar investments protect investors from the conundrum of investing solely in local currency which tends to destroy the value of your investments over time due to high inflation rates and constant devaluation against the dollar. It goes without saying that while investments are risky, they are one of the most important means to ensure a present and future of financial stability. Thus, Cashestate was created to provide a diverse investment opportunity and circumvent the problem associated with investing in local currency.

How does Cashestate work?
Departing from traditional real estate investment routes, Cashestate works in a very simple way: your local currency funds are converted to dollars and invested in real estate that earn high returns in a stable currency. With Cashestate, you are provided with opportunities to invest in properties across different high demand markets in the United States of America.

We bridge the gap between technology and around the world, starting with the most developed investment market which is the US. By signing up on our website, mycashestate.com, linking your Nigerian bank account or card details and creating your investor’s profile, you can start investing from as low as $1,000 on a one-time investment plan, or at a monthly or quarterly rate. You can even sign up for a recurring contribution plan starting at $100, which most of us can afford with a little discipline. Our platform automatically converts your Naira funding to Dollars, and our investment team select real estate with high capital gains and strong rental flows across the US to invest your money in. These property investments are held in your name, allowing you to monitor your earnings and track your investments on your personalized dashboard on the website. Through your personalized dashboard, you can also view legal titles and information on your invested properties. To ensure the security of your investments, we have insurance coverage for all the properties in our portfolio.

Cashestate essentially uses technology to eliminate the geographical barriers preventing investors from accessing the best investment opportunities. In other words, now, you do not need to leave Nigeria or travel to the abroad to ‘live your best life’ in this context. Instead, Cashestate brings investments to your screen. All this is made possible through a team of experts with years of experience in real estate, tech, asset management and finance both in the US and in Nigeria.

Why the United States of America?

If you’re wondering why the United States of America, the answer is simple: the real estate market in the United States is very welcoming to According to , the US received more than $450 billion of foreign investments over the last few 2 years. The US real estate market is a thriving market backed up by a strong currency. Historically, investing in the US real estate market has proven to offer foreign investors with the potential for higher returns. The market is known for its scale and liquidity, unlike the Nigeria asset space where the market is unpredictable and likely to change, especially for worse. The US also has the biggest real estate market in the world, with a growing opportunity to earn investment returns. And finally, it’s the best way to tap into and earn returns from an asset base denominated in dollars.

What Do You Stand to Gain?
In the past three years, our existing investments have risen to over 40% in returns. Those returns numbers are higher when you compare them in Naira value to similar investments(like ) in the country. And while past performance is no guarantee, investing with Cashestate does earn you high returns in rent and gains in the value of properties over time. You stand to generate over 10% returns annually in dollars, with those over the long term. But most importantly, by investing with Cashestate, you will have access to a relatively safe asset, generating consistent returns, in a stable currency. Get started by signing up on our home page today.

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