What You Missed at Our First Investment Club Meetup

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On Saturday, January 25th, we hosted our first Investment Club meeting of 2020, an afternoon of learning about investments and financial planning from Rise’s team of financial experts. The meeting was hosted by our Founder & CEO Eleanya Eke and Tolani Ashiru, one of our Knowledge Partners.

About 40 finance enthusiasts who are part of our community attended the meeting and had vibrant conversations about personal finance and investment.

The meeting was the perfect start to our year, and it was a good way to network and learn how to secure our financial future. If you missed it, no worries, we made a video for you — link here.

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Eke kicked off the meeting with the wealth pyramid and how the work we are doing at Rise is helping our users move up the ladder from poor/in debt to wealthy. Next up was Tolani who presented realistic financial planning processes to grow in the wealth pyramid.

It was an interactive session which went on for 2 hours with a lot of interest in the topics discussed.

We’ll be running our Investment Club Meetings monthly, throughout the year. Our next session holds in February — if you have a history of poor personal finance, little knowledge of investments or don’t know where to invest, we’d love to have you!

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