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We are super happy to announce that Cashestate’s investment platform is now live and ready for use. Visit mycashestate.com and get started with investing your funds in dollars. Sign up, fund your account in naira and we convert this to dollars and invest it for you into dollar denominated, cash and growth generating real estate assets.You retain ownership, receive dividends and capital gains when the properties are sold, and pay us 15% of the profits for managing the entire process for you. Win win. The best part is, if you make less than 10% returns (net of our fees) annually, we waive the fee completely.

Our platform is not perfect yet, no one knows this more than us. This is just the first step in a long vision towards a whole universe of dollar denominated investments. But our value proposition is strong and I am proud of what my team has done so far. We are just warming up. Your feedback will be essential to our improvement. So please, feel free to shoot us an email at hello@mycashestate.com with any issues, comments, or if you just want to understand investments better.

As a reminder, what we are trying to accomplish here is very simple. We believe that everyone should have access to strong, stable investment returns. We believe that geography should not be a barrier between you and the best investment opportunities. And we believe that if you give people the right access, the right information, and the right opportunities, they will make the choices that will ensure they succeed financially.

At Cashestate, we know that once we provide the access, the information, and the opportunities? You, the users, with the financial success you create, will validate of our belief that everyone can enjoy long term, stable, strong and consistent investment returns, regardless of where they live. We look forward to having you on this journey.



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We’re a global asset manager built into your phone. Invest in dollars from just $10 and secure your long term future.

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