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Hi there,

The global economy was still pretty shaky in June but we saw a 5% increase in the value of our stocks portfolio, closing out what has been the best quarter in the US stock market since 1998.

In more good news, we expanded our real estate and fixed income portfolios and that really helped make last month a good one for everyone who has been investing consistently on RiseVest.

On June 25, we wrapped up our time at the LABS by ARM accelerator program. All in all, the program helped the entire team grow significantly and we’re going to use everything we learnt to make your RiseVest experience a lot better.

Speaking of a better experience, we’ve collected a lot of precious feedback from users, a lot of which is a good foundation for fixing the app and adding relevant new features.

Please, keep sharing your opinions with us as you use RiseVest, stay focused on your goals and follow health guidelines to stay safe.

Thank you for sticking with us.


Eleanya Eke

Pitch Perfect

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Even with 30,000 users in about six months, you’d still be nervous about presenting your app in front of investors, friends and members of the ever-critical public.

Eke and the RiseVest team had to fight off their nervousness to show off RiseVest to the world on June 25 at the LABS by ARM Demo Day — an event marking the end of our four-month adventure in the exclusive accelerator program.

This is how it all went down. Hint: We did pretty well.

Office Hours On A Saturday

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How does RiseVest work? Who are the people helping me invest my money? Is my money safe?

We answered questions like these and more during our very first Office Hours session on June 27.

Office Hours is where you can get up close and personal with us, and we’ll always listen to your feelings about what we do.

Catch up on the conversation here.

Bite Off What You Can Chew

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This month’s Riser In Motion is so methodical, he could pass for a yoga instructor.

Well, that’s close enough, since he’s a fitness coach who knows all about controlling his appetite for food and high-risk investments.

You could learn a thing or two about investing and healthy drinks from Jesse.

Take the trip.

Elon-gated Value

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Tesla has officially become the most valuable car manufacturer in the world after overtaking long-time champion Toyota — a company sold 30 times more cars than Tesla last year.

The electric car hotshot’s stock has more than doubled since the beginning of 2020, thriving even in the middle of the pandemic.

After hitting an all-time high and pushing its market cap past $207 billion, Elon Musk’s baby is now more valuable than Disney and Coca-Cola. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Toyota may be the far bigger car company, but investors favour growth potential over current production so Tesla takes the crown.

Remember Tesla is one of the companies in the all-star RiseVest stocks portfolio?

You know what that means! Keep making smart choices.

Ego and your friends at Rise.

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