How Real Estate Works on Rise

Rise has a simple model: we give Nigerians access to profitable real estate investments that provide a solid, long term return ranging from 13–15% in dollars, every year.

It’s designed to give you stable cash returns while growing your wealth over time. And because it’s denominated in US dollars, you are protected from the high inflation rates and a potential devaluation of naira investments. Long term, our investments will outperform any naira denominated investment in Nigeria. We guarantee it.

How can you be part of it?

You can start by downloading the Rise app, choose the Real Estate asset class, create and fund a plan with as low as $10. We then pool those funds, and our team identifies undervalued investment properties estate in high demand areas and purchases them with the funds. Our platform automatically assigns investors a percentage ownership of the property based on how much of the purchase price they funded and shares all the legal and title documents to those investors on their dashboard. All the cash flow from rent, as well as any gains from the sale of the property, is passed on to the owners.

In exchange for finding, purchasing and managing the properties on your behalf, Rise charges a fraction of the profits we generate for you, which is broken down here.

Not only do you get the protection of holding your assets in dollars and the cash flow from rent, you also get an annual return that is bigger than practically any naira investment around.

To get started, download the Rise app and start your journey to stable dollar returns from US Real Estate.

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We’re a global asset manager built into your phone. Invest in dollars from just $10 and secure your long term future.

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