Highlights from Rise Investment Club Meetup with Asemota

Every month, Rise brings together investment experts and enthusiasts to discuss ways to get better at money.

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Real-life experiences were the highlights from our last Investment Club meetup in July. It was an interactive and insightful session with Victor Asemota and our Founder and CEO, Eleanya Eke.

Asemota, popularly referred to as a retired investor and a very talented finance expert, chatted about several ways to democratize access to investments for Nigerians. He shared his knowledge and experiences about how to go about investing and building wealth.

  • Role models are important in investing — While some people have had role models growing up, Asemota suggests that the internet is ubiquitous and this makes role models available at your fingertips. You don’t need to meet them personally, as he hasn’t met one of his biggest role models Chamath Palihapitiya.
  • Finding the right role model helps your growth as an investor and even some of your favorite investors had role models to guide them.
  • People who are really poor are those without friends and family. The best people to help you make money are your friends and family. When people come together to make a deal, it turns out to be one of the best. In addition, it helps in sharing risks and reducing costs.
  • The people who get rich long term are those who make ‘when there is smoke, there's money’ moves.
  • Investing is a team sport, wealth is a community effort and no one is wealthy alone — building relationships with people is worth more than money in the bank.

Need more of these excerpts, we made a video for you. Watch 👇

Our meetups are always full of fun, knowledge, networking and finding new opportunities. We are thankful to Asemota for hosting this session and to everyone who joined us.

Our next session holds on August 29th — if you have a history of poor personal finance, little knowledge of investments or don’t know where to invest, we’d love to have you.

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