Highlights from Rise Investment Club February Meetup

Every month, Rise brings investment enthusiasts and community members to discuss ways to get better at money matters.

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On Saturday, February 29th 2020, we held our second Investment Club meeting of the year and it was super insightful!

As a result of the coronavirus scares, the meeting was 100% online with over 30 people joining us on Zoom.

The meeting kicked off with highlighting the reasons why anyone should invest. Here are some nuggets from the meetup:

  • You cannot work forever, so you need investments that will pay off and support your lifestyle when you do stop working.

We went on to identify these common risks in investment:

  • Paying too much for an asset.

The meetup rounded off on the conclusion that for anyone to evaluate how risky an investment is, you need to know how to measure and manage your risk.

Our next session holds in March — if you have a history of poor personal finance, little knowledge of investments or don’t know where to invest, we’d love to have you.

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