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Being a grown-up often means thinking a lot about your money: where it’s coming from, where it’s going and how to grow it.

And it’s normal for you to keep trying to save more because that’s what wise grown-ups do, right? But the thing with savings is, inflation doesn’t care how much money you put away. If you’re saving in a currency that is always losing value, your money can’t really grow.

This is where Rise comes in.

We exist to help you put your money in the best dollar investments for you around the world. We take your naira and find investment opportunities with the best returns so your money can grow in dollars.

We’re really good at doing this, so good that over 30,000 people like you have trusted us with their money since January 2020.

We’ve consistently made them happy with:

  1. Multiple dollar investment options including US Stocks, Eurobonds and US Real Estate.
  2. Better returns on their money than they can get with local investments.
  3. Protection from any potential devaluation.
  4. A free Investment Club that connects beginner investors with experts, shares investment opportunities and teaches members how to get more value out of their money.

We’d love you to join the thousands of happy users on our platform! Just sign up and create an investment plan here now. It’s free to sign up and you can invest as little as $10.

Join Rise and give your money a chance to grow. It’s your next smart move!

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We’re a global asset manager built into your phone. Invest in dollars from just $10 and secure your long term future.

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