Dollars For The Fastest

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Everyone and their grandma is giving away something for app referrals, but not quite like us.

Every week, there’s a race for prizes on our referral leaderboard, with the first person to refer 10 people or more winning $50, the second pocketing $30 and the third going away with $20.

The leaderboard rankings reset every Sunday with a new threshold and winners for each previous week are announced on Monday. With the naira falling, dollars mean a lot more than they used to and this is a pretty straightforward way to make some valuable money.

Share your referral link with everyone you know, follow up with them to make sure they join Rise and watch yourself clean up every week on the leaderboard. Head to to check your position.

May the odds be in your favour.

Download Rise on your iOS or Android device to access and build dollar investment in US Stocks, Real Estate and Eurobonds from just $10.

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