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We are always thinking of ways to help you do better with your money, so we’ve compiled our best advice on how to do well financially. Call it our Money Cheat Sheet, a simple list of great money advice for your benefit. You’re welcome.

1. Invest 20% of your salary.

Members of our investment club have heard this rule a lot; always put away 20% of your earnings and invest it. You will not work forever, so it is very important to put money into your investments that will compound over time. Many people advise that you put off investing until you are making a lot of money but we don’t think so. Start from your very first salary and put away 20%, if you cannot start at 20%, then start at 5% and increase over time as your earnings grow. …

Smoother. Better. 100% managed by experts

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When we set out to build Rise it started with an idea. Then we started speaking to potential users to get a sense of what they wanted and what they were missing, then we started to build.

Few months after our initial product launch, we quickly realized that our users have more advanced demands because their lifestyle is continually changing. So, we took their feedback and made something out of it.

For the past months, we have been building — adding new features and making old features better. After months of hard work, it is our pleasure to introduce the new Rise to you. …

Last month, there was no middle ground. Winners really won and losers really lost.

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Despite the volatility created by the market’s reaction to the US presidential elections, Rise stocks portfolio outperformed S&P 500 in October, with our performance for the month coming in at 4.29% vs 3.48% for S&P 500 in the same period. However, there was a lot of disparity in the performance of various stocks in our markets portfolio with the gainers up by a lot and our losers down by the same measure.

Here are the best and worst performers for the month of October.


  • Match.com (MTCH) +16.96%
  • Upwork +51.91%
  • TradeDesk +20.02%
  • AB InBev +22.03%
  • Adient +26.31%

Most of our winners benefitted from a few trends including beaten-down stocks that reported solid revenue and profit numbers which provided a boost; strong companies benefitting from the continued shift towards online and remote work; and an improving macroeconomic outlook given the prospect of vaccines becoming available. …

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It is easier for people to save than invest because savings have virtually no risk and are usually short-term unlike investing which carries some risk and should be long-term. Also, with savings, you just put money away but investing means putting money in something and that something requires thought. You want to know that whatever is invested in is healthy and can grow, so investing is rightfully more difficult than saving which is why a lot of people delay it or think they need to hit certain financial milestones before they start investing. Our advice is to start immediately.

Why You Should Start Investing…

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Today marks Rise’s first birthday. From a founding team of 3 to a team of 20 and counting people, Rise has grown significantly and continues to do so.

We started Rise as a simple way of providing people living in Nigeria with dollar-denominated investments in the US and other markets to enable them to earn returns that make investing worth it. Today, over 40,000 Nigerians use Rise to invest globally (in dollars) across all levels of wealth, enjoying strong investment performance and beating inflation through their mobile phones.

Since we launched, we’ve been constantly awed by the reception from our users. It’s incredible the love you all have shown to us, how patient you’ve been as we have improved our product, how much you’ve shared Rise with your friends, and how actively you’ve participated in our community. We are honored to have you in our corner and grateful to you for making our Year one exceptional. …

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Come November 3rd, the most important political event in the world will take place — the US elections. Everyone is wondering who is going to emerge as the winner, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

At Rise, we are pondering about that too but more importantly about what this election means for your investments and how it affects your stocks portfolio.

The U.S. presidential election can have a major impact on policy, laws and foreign relations. But how do presidential elections affect the market? And how does that affect you and your investment portfolio?

We know that the next few weeks are going to be very volatile but the investments we select for Rise are chosen because they have the ability to perform well and ride out volatile markets, even if their value might fluctuate in the short term. …

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What is Rise?

Rise is a digital dollar asset manager that connects Nigerians to foreign investment opportunities through products such as Fixed Income, US Real Estate, and US Stocks.

While several stock investment options exist in Nigeria, they only offer stock options; allowing you to buy and manage stocks yourself. We do two things and we do them differently.

First, we act as a fund manager. This means we don’t let you figure out which stocks to buy instead we invest on your behalf in expertly selected high-performing companies. …

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Our recent investment club meetup was a live chat with Goke Balogun, Founder/CEO of SoFresh. We discussed the role of risk-taking in wealth creation.

We spoke with Goke because he quit a well-paying job in oil and gas to start selling fruits. His fruit shop has grown into a healthy food chain with outlets in Lagos and Nigeria so he has experience venturing from the known to the unknown.

Here are some key takeaways:

On career

Be curious: while Goke was in Chevron, he worked in operations but gained experience in marketing and sales and learned how to run a well-structured organization. He believes that a passion for knowledge puts you ahead. For example, he wasn’t paid for the first 4 months at his job with Mr Biggs but he learned enough at the fast-food restaurant that became useful in setting up and operating SoFresh. …

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Data from matrotrends.com | Analysis by Rise

The image above is the historical stock price movement of Apple in the last 5 years adjusted for all stock splits. If you draw a line from the origin to the current position (as we’ve done), you will get a straight line moving up from the origin.

That’s what we all want; an asset whose price is always going up. But does that exist? A look at historical prices of different assets shows that this doesn’t exist. All assets increase and decrease in price depending on prevailing circumstances. …

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Everyone feels cheated when they get to the market and the price of rice has increased without an equivalent increase in the quality or quantity of the rice. We make remarks like “Nawa oo”, “what’s the meaning of all these now”, “why is the government doing this?” and many more similar remarks. What we are basically not fine with is the general increase in the price of commodities and services — inflation.

Imagine a bag of rice cost N15k in 2017 and you kept your money, say N15k (the price of a bag of rice) with someone to safeguard and you returned in 2018 to get the money but instead of getting the N15k, you were paid N25k (the new price of a bag of rice). On the surface, your money grew but its value dipped. You haven’t made a real gain. …



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